Employee Engagement

“The great resignation is over”, so you might think that bending over backwards to attract and retain the best employees is over.

If you think this, you are wrong.

People are still ‘quiet quitting’ – meaning they are physically showing up for work and getting paid, but under performing / contributing compared to their pre-COVID selves.

We know that an engaged employee is more committed AND more productive.

We also know that engaged employees choose their work based on MORE than just the money. When you survey employees on WHY they work for a specific organization, they talk about…

  1. The reputation of the company
  2. The people they work with
  3. The work they do
  4. The opportunities to learn and grow
  5. The work environment
  6. The compensation, benefits, and other tangible and intangible forms of recognition they receive
  7. And above all else, the culture, trust, and belonging…

Do you know how engaged your employees really are?

Mindset Talent has 25+ years focused on collecting insight from employees, collaborating to identify actionable solutions to the areas of challenge, and rallying employees to form action teams in support of driving change.

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